FAN BELT CATALOG. | 2 We are committed to keeping trucks on the road and moving forward by providing quality parts to all who repair heavy-duty vehicles. The V-belts follow industry-standard type part numbers. For example: VB17645 VB = V-Belt • 17 = Width (17/32”) • 645 = Length (64.5”)

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Catalogue ( Designation of Belts.pdf ) Dos & Donts of Fenner V Belt Drive: English: 1.0: Catalogue ( Dos & Donts of Fenner V Belt Drive.pdf ) Green Cover Belts: English: 1.0: Catalogue ( Green Cover Belts.pdf ) Hexagonal Belts: English: 1.0: Catalogue ( Hexagonal Belts.pdf ) Multipull Poly-V Belts: English: 1.0: Catalogue ( Multipull Poly-V

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8C 8 9 1 % 0 % % B 4 & Belt series Pitch Diameter Range Groove Angle Dimensions a W Wb D X S E ° mm mm mm mm mm mm SPZ Up to 80 34 9,7 8,5 11 2 12 8 Over 80 38 SPA Up to 118 34 12,7 11 13,8 2,75 15 10

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V-Belts. As the manufacturer of the full line of power transmission belts, Continental offers a variety of friction-fit drive elements for wraparound drives in which slip is permissible. Wrapped V-belts for harsh ambient conditions, raw-edge V-belts for maximum power transmission and serpentine drives or variable-speed belts for variable

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Gates Drive Belts & DriveAlign® Components Catalogue Gates Micro-V® belts are a quality product for today's applications.

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Catalogues. Main catalogues available for download: Belt Select Version 10. V-Belt Catalogue. PSbelt E-Series (Japanese・English) Ceramic Belt Catalogue.


CAST- IRON V-BELT PULLEYS All V-belt pulleys are compliant with current legislation and are made of cast iron GG 20 with protective phosphate. Running in normal standard, the pulleys are statically balanced and this is sufficient for peripheral speeds up to 25 m/s. For higher speeds is essential dynamic balancing can be provided on request.

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Catalog downloads. Support/Download. Catalog downloads. General industrial transmission belts and related products; Conveyor belts, systems and related products V-Belt (RMA)(8,599KB) V-Belt (DIN)(5,829KB) Catalogs. MEGA TORQUE EX/G II(1,467KB) Giga Torque GX(19,4KB) Conveyor belts, systems and related products.


V-belts in metric sizes . Micro-V® Belt — Gates trade name for belts commonly referred to as V-ribbed, multi-rib and Poly-V . Molded Notch Belts — Often referred to as cogged, notched or cut notch belts . Notches reduce bending stress . Multi-Speed™ Belts — Gates trade name for products commonly referred to as variable


Catalogue - · PDF file Belt Width Belt Thickness Order No. kg Belt Fastener U35A - Standard Belt Strength up to 1050 kN/m Minimum Pulley Diameter 250 mm up to 1000 mm 5 - 9 mm Q'Straint DEALER Catalogue - Tramanco · PDF file Q5-6411-ARET Retractable sash belt with adjustable shoulder height, via slip adjustable belt .

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on the market there are various types of v-belts, among which, the most 'widespread are: • "narrow" spz-spa-spb-spc (iso4184 - din 7753) • "classic" z-a-b-c (iso 4184 - din 2215) • "american narrow" 3v-5v (rma-mpta). the "narrow" v-pulleys(din2211 - iso4183) manufactured by sitand shown in this catalogue are suitable to be used with all the

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Agricultural V-Belts W800. Double V-Belts. POWER ACE. POWER ACE COG. Narrow V-Belts (SP type). Variable Speed Belts. BANCOLLAN V-Belts (VC type).


Poly V®, The belt for all applications . The benefits of ribbed belts versus direct drive . An extended catalog of belts: V-belts, timing belts.

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Check Pages 1-20 of PIX Belt Catalogue in the flip PDF version. PIX Belt Catalogue was published by Distag Flip PDFs on 2017-02-27. Find more similar flip PDFs like PIX Belt Catalogue. Download PIX Belt Catalogue PDF for free.

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the "narrow" V-pulleys (Din2211 - iSo4183) manufactured by SIT and shown in this catalogue are suitable to be used with all the aforementioned types of belts. note: for banded belts 3V - 5V - 8V use pulleys with Rma specifications (ref. pag 101). these pulleys are not standard and are available only on request. = compatible X = not compatible

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Wedge V-Belts. 13-17. Narrow V-Belts. 18-20. Hexagonal Belts. 21-22. Banded Belts. 23 - 28. Cut Edge Cogged Belts. 29 - 32. Cut Edge Plain Belts.


Naismith Engineering carry all of the Poly-V pulleys and belts in this Catalogue on the shelf and if special diameter pulleys are required they can be made in our factory.

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A leading Manufacturer, specializing in ribbed belt transmissions (Poly V ®, FleXonic , ConveyXonic®, HPPTM). 250,000 Poly V® belts manufactured per day. Our expertise is renowned in the fi eld of converting V-belt transmission systems to a Poly V® or Flexonic® ribbed belt solution. Our diff erence: technical support and a local partnership.

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V belt pulleys 29 Pages. Add to favorites {{requestButtons}} Catalog excerpts. Open the catalog to page 1. Internal code Type Grooves Form Innerer Code Typ Rillen Forme . Open the catalog to page 14. All SATI catalogs and technical brochures. General Catalogue 2013. 355

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Wrapped V-Belts Size A 77 A 78 A 79 A 81 A 82 -A 84 A 85 A 86 A 87 A A 89 A 94 A 96 a 104 B 112 B 113 B 11B 8 120 g 124 E B 130 e B a 140 Size A 17 A 19 A 20 A21 A 22 A 23 A 24 A 25 A 26 A 27 A 31 A 33 A 34 A 35 A 36 B 20 B 27 a 26 329 830 31 a 33 g 34 a 35 B 37 B 36 E 40 B 42 43 46 B 47 Price '45.00 146.00 00 t 52.00 153.00 15900 163.00 165.00

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Find thousands of Gates industrial hose, couplings and equipment solutions in this highly interactive PDF catalog. This catalog allows you to navigate as if you were using a real paper catalog. This manual includes tables, specifications, and procedures necessary to design high performance, heavy-duty V-belt drives. If you need assistance

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V-Belts 28 Industrial Micro-V ® Belts (J, L and M Series) 29: LAWN + GARDEN BELTS ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM 1 MASTER PRODUCTS CATALOG ACCESSORY BELT DRIVE SYSTEM: CAR + LIGHT TRUCK: COMPLETE™ SERPENTINE KITS: PRODUCT TYPE: 8576 Complete™ Serpentine Kits make it easy to restore the entire accessory belt drive

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1 V-belts Product features SKF Wrapped Wedge and SKF Wrapped Narrow Wedge Belts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 • SKF FX Keyless Bushings catalogue • SKF Xtra Power Belts catalogue For more information about SKF Power Transmission products, contact your local SKF representative or SKF Authorized

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Open the catalog to page 1. Technical Manual V-Belt Drives This technical manual contains all i ­mportant technical information and m ­ ethods for the design and calculation of drives with OPTIBELT V-belts and V ­ -grooved pulleys for industrial ­applications. Our Application Technology experts offer you free support service regarding the

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v belt pulley catalogue pdf . Varun industries is a leading pulley manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in India offering all kinds of power transmission Product for various industries machines. Since our establishment, we are well-known manufacturer of best quality v belt pulley catalogue in India . We can supply pulley with dynamic balancing

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This technical manual contains all important technical information and methods for the design and calculation of drives with Optibelt V-belts and.