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Spiral retaining rings. Spiral retaining rings are axially installed into housings/bores (internal) or onto shafts (external), making 360° contact with the groove. For larger size rings, Smalley also makes a removal tool, part number RT-108, that can be used to remove the rings. The end of the tool contains a slot to insert the tip of the


Retaining Rings and Snap Rings available in all sizes. External snap rings, internal snap ring, circlips, spiral retaining rings, push on retaining 

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Rotor Clip is the manufacturer of retaining rings, snap rings, circlips, wave springs (Click here for cross reference chart). Internal Inch Spiral Rings.

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Retaining rings can range in size from 1mm to 1m in diameter. Different combinations of size, shape, style, and material result in designs that work in a variety of industries and applications. This means it's faster and more cost-effective to create spiral rings with custom sizes and shapes compared to other retaining ring styles. The

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This means it is faster and more cost-effective to make spiral rings with custom shapes and sizes than other retaining ring styles. Spiral retaining rings are installed axially into the housing/bore internal or shaft external, making 360° contact with the conduit. Spiral Retaining Rings have no ears or lugs to interfere with assembly.

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The WHM Series Spirolox Retaining Ring is designed for the toughest retaining ring jobs. WHM series retaining rings use standard industry groove dimensions and 

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spiral retaining ring is a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove. We have been manufacturing spiral retaining ring in China since 2002 Sizes: laminar ring comes with various sizes and using different materials, If you want a quote, please tell us your needed material and type and size. E.g. FK5 ISD 170x6.0x2.0.

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stainless retaining rings ; DNZ-190, 190, 183.59 ; DNZ-195, 195, 188.54 ; DNZ-200, 200, 193.54 ; DNZ-205, 205, 197.54 

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Example: EXT 050 US - External Spiral Retaining Ring, 0.500” Application Diameter, US Series, Carbon Steel. Example: INT 275 SS - Internal Retaining Ring 

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Medium Duty 2 - Turn Internal Spiral Retaining Ring Carbon / Stainless Steel Material. Name: Medium Duty 2-Turn Internal Spiral Retaining Rings. Size: 5mm-1000mm. Tooling Charge:

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All Internal Spiral Rings. All Internal Stainless Steel Spiral Rings. Includes AHI / WHM / AS3215 / Spirolox RRN / MIL-R-27426B2 - Stainless Steel. Heavy duty design for use with NAS669-670 deep grooves in applications like double row and tapered roller bearings. Requires no tools for removal.

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Spiral external retaining rings are axially installed onto a shaft, making 360° contact with the groove. With no ears or lugs to interfere with the assembly 

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Sizes available from 3/8” to 85” Diameter. Spirolox spiral rings are fabricated from high quality, rectangular carbon spring steel or “302” stainless steel coiled on edge.

Spiral Retaining Ring: Carbon Steel, Oil, For 3 1/2 in Bore Dia., 0.111

Buy Spiral Retaining Ring: Carbon Steel, Oil, For 3 1/2 in Bore Dia., 0.111 in Thick at Walmart.com

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and Restriction of Chemicals) REACH Compliant. Passivation. Passivated. Not Passivated. Side- Mount External. Retaining Rings Included. For 1/16" OD (200 Pieces) For 3/32" OD (300 Pieces)

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TSMC Retaining Rings are available in several types and various sizes, such as Spiral Retaining Ring, Constant Section Retaining Ring, Wave Rings, Snap Rings, Laminar Seal Rings, Self-Locking Retaining Rings as well as Custom Retaining Ring. It can either be single or multi-turn. The standard material for most retaining rings and Circlips is

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Quick Specifications. • No gap - Smalley spiral retaining rings offer a full 360° retaining surface. • Over 6000 standard stock sizes from 1/4” to 16” (6 mm to 400 mm) • Specials from .200" to 120" (5 mm to 3000 mm) • Available materials include carbon and stainless steel, Inconel, Elgiloy (to NACE® standards), Beryllium Copper

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External Spiral Retaining Ring are available on the FCH Network with Imperial/US diameters that range from #1 to 4 and with Metric diameters that range from M16 

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Spiral Retaining Rings & Wave Springs www.smalley.com · phone 847.719.5900 · fax 847.719.5999 Engineering and Parts Catalog Catalog #CC2007 Spiral Retaining Rings & Wave Springs Smalley Steel Ring Company Engineering and Parts Catalog Stock Sizes • Over 7000 items • Carbon & Stainless Steel Special Designs • No-Tooling-Charges • .200

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RE - External Reinforced E‑clip. The RE retaining ring is a reinforced version of the E‑clip ring, which will accommodate higher thrust loads and RPM. RE‑clips function in the same groove as regular E‑clip rings. Fit shaft sizes from .094" to .562" in diameter.

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ring type spiral system of measurement inch groove diameter 2.12 groove diameter tolerance -0.0060 to 0.0060 in shaft diameter (inch) 2-1/4 shaft diameter (decimal inch) 2.2500 free diameter 2.105 free outside diameter 2.441 groove diameter (decimal inch) 2.1200 material steel free diameter (decimal inch) 2.1050 free outside diameter (decimal

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This means that the material used to make the ring is the same width at any point along the circumference of the ring. These cost less than tapered and spiral retaining rings and provide only three point contact with the groove. ADVANTAGES OF CONSTANT SECTION RETAINIGN RINGS •No assembly/disassembly lugs = space saving in radial direction

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Choose from our selection of single-turn spiral external retaining rings in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. BROWSE CATALOG. Abrading & Polishing; Retaining Ring Type; External: Ring Thickness. Ring Thickness; 0.012" 0.015" 0.018" 0.021" 0.025" 0.031" Single-Turn Spiral External Retaining Rings .

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Choose from our selection of spiral retaining rings in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

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A spiral retaining ring is a circular part fixed on the bearings, which can prevent other parts installed on the shaft from moving and axial tightness.. The spiral retaining ring is made of flat metal wire rolls. It is treated and treated with heat, and has good elasticity and toughness. The split shaft is used for axial positioning, double-circle, and multi-circle.

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Large selection of spiral rings available in various finishes, sizes, and materials. 785.392.3017. [email protected]. $50 Order Minimum The Distributor's #1 Choice for Fasteners! Search for: