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Profile Fan Series. Exhausts and supplies air to a wide range of commercial applications such as change rooms, laundries, warehouses and workshops, gymnasiums, bulk’ goods retail outlets and assembly halls. Cowl, base and inlet spigot are made of UV-stabilised plastic, steel components have a corrosion resistant finish.


STAIRCASE PRESSURIZATION SYSTEM Salah Uddin Aubby[1], Dr. Mohammed Mohsin Ali H.[2] [1]PG Students Department of Mechanical Engineering. Ghousia College of Engineering, Ramanagaram - 562159. • Fan (IBC 909.10.1) staircase. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056

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Building pressurisation fans listed below are designed for a general Building pressurisation fan applications and are suitable for the majority of specific 


OVERPRESSURE KIT WITH RESERVE FAN. The staircase, escape route or confinement pressurisation system enables automatic control of the.

SE-2413 -- Air Leakage Data for the Design of Elevator and Stair Shaft Pressurization

Pressurization of a shaft is one means of maintaining it tenable during a fire. This involves increasing the pressures inside the shaft above those of adjacent floor spaces by injecting outdoor air into the shaft with a supply fan. The direction of air flow would then

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Stairwell pressurisation and purging systems. When a smoke detector detects a fire in the building, the dome opens and the fan is activated.

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catalogue has been derived through testing to recognised standards. In Stairwell pressurization fans are fairly standard in construction and are.

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fan for 400ºC / 2 Hours operation in accordance with EN12101:3. • Emergency Temperature Options: High temperature performance certified in accordance with EN12101-3: for

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Fans for every commercial, industrial and institutional application. Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement, control and conditioning equipment including fans. You will find our fans in every type of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Applications range from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.

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5/27 · In its simplest form, a stair pressurization system uses a supply fan to blow outside air into a stairwell, creating a positive pressure differential across the enclosure boundary. However, the design of these systems can depend greatly on the codes and standards used in design. Per IBC Section 909.20.5, the differential pressure limitation

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Stairwell pressurization. • Tunnel ventilation. • Parking garage exhaust. • Storage facility exhaust. • Emergency smoke and heat exhaust.

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This allows stairwells to remain mostly free from smoke. A pressure control unit is installed in combination with a roof light dome, e.g. at the top of a stairwell. When a smoke detector detects a fire in the building, the dome opens and the fan is activated. The pressure control unit creates a minimum closed-door pressure of 15 Pa.


Eurotec have developed the Lift Shaft & Stairwell Pressurisation Controller, which enables control of the pressurisation fan in your stair well or lift 

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Motorised Smoke Dampers · SD 125 (UL555S Classified) · SD 125 A · Smoke Exhaust Fans · CYCLONE F400 · HELIONE · VELONE · Staircase Pressurisation Fans.

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Stairwell Pressurization. Stairwells are frequently the primary escape route in the event of a fire emergency and may also serve as the primary access route for firefighting teams. In these

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realise a constant differential pressure in stairwells, using EC fans. The constantly-measured differential pressure is evaluated in the control system in real-time and compared with corresponding setpoint values. The speed of the EC fans is adjusted by the control system so that the setpoint values are adhered to in the stairwell.

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VENCO designs and produces heat recovery ventilators, jet fans, axial smoke exhaust, fresh air and pressurization fans, explosion proof fans, fans with casing, 

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HP300 PARALLEL PIN ISO8734-12X40-A-ST-UNPLTD stainless steel pressure gauge Hexagon socket set screw flat point DIN915/ISO4028 45H zn Parallel pin tolerance m6 DIN6325/ISO8734 ST hardened Taper pin grounded with internal thread form A DIN7978

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The fans are used: as a part of a smoke extraction system for air pressurization to create a positive air pressure differential in stairway enclosures, 

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Pressurization fan makes the escape route pressurized so it forces the smoke and push it back and enables person to escape. In these calculation excel sheets, you will get the CFM for the pressurization fan for the stairwell and for the elevator lobby. Download Also: Smoke and Ventilation Excel sheets Stairwell Pressurization Fan

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Consult FNP Group's entire Staircase Pressurization System catalogue on DirectIndustry. The STAIRCASE PRESSURIZATION SYSTEM is made of a axial fan box, 

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Learn to calculate airflow requirements for staircase pressurization system NFPA STANDARDS.Download Excelsheet from below linkhttps://passionatengineer.blogs

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